Nicki Wadley is a School Governance Expert who supports Governors in their vital roles within schools.

Nicki empowers Governors and Governing Bodies to make a real difference to childrens’ futures and she can help you to achieve the same results.

You do what you do as a Governor because you have the passion, care, skills and knowledge to contribute to the educational outcomes of the children within your school.  You also generously give your time freely without any financial reward, and sometimes without recognition.

However, just because you’ve got the passion, skills and time doesn’t mean it’s an easy job.  School governance is an ever-changing and demanding role and, I know from personal experience, the demands it can put upon you and your family.

It can often be frustrating when it feels you’re not being as useful and as effective a Governor as you would like or if you feel your precious time isn’t being used to its fullest potential.

Nicki is passionate about developing outstanding governance that has a direct impact on improving childrens’ futures and she can help you too.

Nicki is a serving school governor herself and is experienced in supporting both primary and secondary schools, good schools and those requiring more robust support. Nicki has vast experience in supporting both governing bodies and clerks and is a regular contributor to governance blogs and articles.