A Critical Friend

YOU Are the School’s Critical Friend

You and your Governing Body’s role is to provide the Head Teacher and staff with support, advice and information, drawing on your knowledge and experience.

Nicki believes that it is in these ways that a Governing Body acts as a “Critical Friend” to its school.  “Critical” in the sense of your responsibility for monitoring and evaluating the school’s effectiveness, asking challenging questions and pressing for improvement. “Friend” because it exists to promote the interests of the school and its pupils.

But YOU Also Need A “Critical Friend”

Someone to help you to successfully evaluate the school’s effectiveness, to ask the right questions and ensure improvements are implemented.  Someone who is there to support you in this important role and help you through the challenging times.

Nicki Wadley is a “Critical Friend” to many Governors and Governing Bodies and she can be your “Critical Friend” too.

YOU Need To Make Child Focused Decisions

At the heart of Nicki’s empowering approach is children focused decision-making achieved through practical solutions. She passionately believes that ALL children in ALL schools deserve the very best Governing Body.

Nicki will empower you and your Governing Body to use questions effectively and make them relevant and strategic, to look for detail and to dig a little deeper. She can help you to become more confident in asking “Why? How? Who?”

Nicki helps Governors and Governing Bodies to understand that effective challenge doesn’t have to mean distrust but that it is often the manner in which questions are asked that achieves the best outcome.

Nicki passionately believes that the important role that Governors play within schools and the contribution that they make should be recognised and celebrated.

YOU Need To Have “Great Expectations”

Nicki will help you to remain committed to the value you and the Governing Body bring.  It’s vital that you hold yourself to account and maintain expected standards – only when you do this does a Governing Body achieve an equal workload and excellent team working.  The contribution this then makes to the leadership and management of the school has a serious impact on the success of the school and the school community as a whole.

YOU Need To Maximise Your Skills, Experience and Knowledge

Nicki uses her experiences of delivering outstanding governance alongside her business and professional skills to support Governors in their strategic role.  She helps them to avoid straying into the operational management of the school and shows you how to use effective engagement and questioning to achieve robust challenge yet remain a supporter of your school.