Governor Skills Audit

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There are many reasons that Governing Bodies choose to undertake a skills audit and may include:

Demonstrating their commitment to best practice.

Wanting to explore the skills and knowledge base of the governing body, as part of an overall assessment of its effectiveness.

A vacancy arising on the governing body. Understanding the current skills set of governors and identifying any gaps can effectively direct the advertisement for recruitment of a new governor. This allows governors to be found with the right skills that the governing body needs.

As a part of the reconstitution process to asses what skills gaps or skill overlaps there may be.

Supporting the organisation of the governing bodies committee membership and the delegation of tasks to individual members.

Identifying and planning governors training and development needs.

Succession planning and planning the future recruitment of governors.

Ensuring that governor’s skills and expertise are matched to the needs of the school to improve outcomes for pupils.

Supporting individual Governors to become more aware of their skills and value to the governing body. Governors can be modest and sometimes underestimate the transferable skills they are able to offer.

Completing A Skills Audit

Governors volunteer many hours of their valuable time to their roles. To ensure that this time is used to gain maximum impact it is important to ensure that governors hold a range of skills and experience to enable them to fulfill their role and responsibilities efficiently and effectively and to help the governing body understand what skills and experience it is has or what is needed.

A governing body is a team, where each governor has value and a contribution to make as well as areas to develop, therefore it is important that all Governors complete the skills audit as honestly as they can.

We acquire skills in a variety of ways, this may be through training or taking a qualification, the work we do, undertaking a voluntary activity or our life experience. Do not underestimate the skills we all gain from all aspects of our life when completing the audit.

Remember: The skills audit will only be it’s most effective if everyone takes part.

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