Tristan Holland

Nicki provided excellent support that I understood and was fully able to meet the demands of my role. Nicki shared with me her knowledge and skills and had answers to my many questions. Nicki is easy to engage with and her professional and yet friendly approach is a perfect balance that made me feel secure, confident and valued. I cannot speak highly enough of Nicki and the support, advice and expertise she has to share.

Nicky Read
The Camomile Rooms

I’ve worked with Nicki both in her capacity supporting business/organisation development and through her attending her business networking events. In addition to being an absolute delight to work with, Nicki has the ability to understand the business/organisation as well as the person running it, which enabled her to identify the way I worked best. This was in addition to helping me to identify my individual business needs, how I could meet them and supporting me during this process. Her enthusiasm for and understanding of my business continues to be of huge benefit too. Nicki truly has a holistic approach in business, which is both rare and highly effective. The service she provides is both personal and invaluable and I can’t recommend her enough.

Alison Thompson

Nicki ran a workshop at an event I ran for parents of children with ADHD. Titled The Role of School Governors in SEN Provision, Nikki provided a lot of information in a concise and understandable way.

The session was interactive and fun, with parents encouraged to explore the work of governors through quizzes. Parents came away with a greater understanding of a little-known facet of special education provision, and the felt empowered to use this new knowledge to better support their children’s education.

Nicki is highly knowledgeable yet very approachable and she tailored the session perfectly to meet the needs of the parents.

Karen Howard
Head Teacher

The workshop stimulated very valuable discussions and gave insight into the views of others. It gave an opportunity for us to identify more clearly the areas that we need to work on.

Joanne Vickers
Chair of Governors

Nicki is very passionate about school governance and it shows that she enjoys her work. She is great at sharing ideas through a variety of social media panels and engaging different groups. She worked in our school to do a skills audit and governors from all backgrounds were able to easily relate to her and she managed to tease out lots of fresh ideas.

Brian Worth

I have known Nicki for the best part of 10 years. She is, competent, knowledgeable and thoroughly reliable. Nicki is passionate about making organisations as efficient as they can be given the difficulties that all organisations are faced with. She recognises that all the people who make up, interface with or support an organisation are individuals with their own weaknesses and needs.

Nicki has a range of knowledge and skills to bring to any organisation and in my experience any organisation will benefit from her help.

Parent Governor

Nicki facilitated opportunity for valuable discussions whilst endorsing and reiterating our roles. The workshop has been thought provoking, valuable and very useful.

Dave Stoddart

I have worked with Nicki over the past 4 years and have found her knowledge of school governance of huge benefit to our Governing Body. She combines a methodical approach with a strong work ethic and sharp mind to help understand existing practices and issues. She is then able to clearly articulate actions required to address areas for development and effectively manage resolutions to a satisfactory conclusion.

Nicki is very personable and is able to effectively communicate with all members of the Governing Body, the staff and Head Teacher. She has also played an important role in the award of Governor Mark status to the School representing best practice in school governance.

Carol Gilbert

I have known Nicki for about five years. Nicki is a competent and confident person and is always fully committed to any role/task that she may undertake and always delivers. Nicki works in a professional manner and has excellent communication skills as well as operational and management skills.  You will find Nicki very approachable, helpful and supportive.

Victoria Hall
Broomfield Care

Having known Nicki previously in a professional capacity when my businesses growth dictated that I needed to re-evaluate the resources I had in place and implement change, I did not hesitate to utilise her skills and knowledge.

Nicki conducted an audit of my teams skills, knowledge and expertise to identify the current skill set within my business and any gaps that needed to be filled. Nicki worked closely with each team member, in a professional but friendly manner, ensuring the staff member felt at ease with the process. This in turn left me to be able to concentrate on the day to day operations of the business.

The results were overwhelming, transformational and greatly influenced my strategic business planning for the coming year. I have re-evaluated decisions around recruitment which has had a financial benefit to my business as well as changing the infrastructure and operational management of the company. I now am using my teams skill, experience and expertise more productively which in turn enables the business to operate more effectively and efficiently. Nicki also suggested I use the audits within staff supervision and appraisal as a tool for planning their professional development. Thanks so much for your help Nicki, I would not hesitate to recommend you to any other business or company.