Meet Nicki

Nicki Wadley founded Great Expectations Consultancy in July 2013 because she knew she could provide a different approach and different services to Governing Bodies who want to improve their governance.

At the heart of her empowering approach is children focused decision making and practical solutions for effective governance.

Nicki first started volunteering as a school governor at her children’s primary school over five years ago and this is when her passion for delivering outstanding governance began.

She thoroughly enjoys her role as Vice Chair of Governors but knows from experience that the role of a School Governor is immensely rewarding but often a challenging one too.

Nicki understand only too well the pressures of fulfilling the role of a Governor.  From experience, she knows that however much information you are given it is not until you are actually in the role itself that you realise how much responsibility and hard work is required – and you are a volunteer with a busy home and work life to juggle too!

She too has struggled with the hundreds of acronyms that are within education, been daunted by data and felt like a fish out of water when asked to go into school to undertake a monitoring visit!

Nicki now uses her direct experiences of delivering outstanding governance and utilises her business and professional skills to help Governors and Governing Bodies to understand their strategic role and always make decisions that are in the best interest of the children within school.

Recognised as an expert in her field, Nicki now regularly speaks about School Governance at local and national events and is an Associate Expert for the Key For School Governors.  She regularly contributes to articles, question and answer sessions and gives advice and guidance on policies and procedures.


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